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If you are looking for a company that installs high-quality fire-resistant paint, you are in the right place.

We are proud to have been recently voted the Top Fire Protection Painting Specialists in the United Kingdom when up against all of the top-rated FeRFA companies.

Here at Intumescent Painting Contractors, we believe in treating our Kingswinford customers properly. That means we pay attention to every project detail so that you can rest easy knowing that your business is getting the best possible fire protection.

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We offer all intumescent coating services for all building construction projects. Our skilled fire protection painting contractors can apply intumescent painting to your business’s exterior or interior walls to help with fire protection and smoke damage.

We also provide the same service for roofs and other areas with high temperatures or oil leaks that could cause a fire or explosion if not treated properly.

We know how important it is to protect your business from these potentially devastating disasters, and intumescent paint is beneficial for passive fire protection!

If you want to apply intumescent coatings to structural steel in Kingswinford, please complete our enquiry form today or read on for more information regarding intumescent coating. As a leading contractor, we provide a high quality service making use of premium materials to help save lives.

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Why Choose Us?

We are a professional, reliable, and experienced intumescent paint company that has been operating for many years.

We have a wide range of intumescent paint colours and finishes available, and our friendly team of intumescent paint contractors can help you choose the right one for your project.

Our company has a long list of satisfied customers who use us repeatedly because we offer competitive prices, excellent customer services, quality workmanship, and the best intumescent paint for steel surfaces.

We are always happy to chat about your Kingswinford project and provide a free quote on our thin film intumescent coatings and intumescent fire protection services.

Our intumescent coating company is fully insured and licensed with experts who have a wealth of experience in the intumescent fire protection industry.

When you choose us as your intumescent fire protection contractor, you will receive excellent customer service and an affordable price.

Our rates are fair and affordable compared to other fire protection painting contractors, so there is no reason not to pick us.

Intumescent Cost Per Meter Square

The average cost of intumescent coating in Kingswinford ranges from £4 to £12 per meter square.

The cost of intumescent coatings per square metre varies depending on the size of the area being covered and which type of paint you choose, plus whether you would require thin or thick film intumescent coatings.

Intumescent painting costs

If you need help with an estimate to paint structural steel or want more information before beginning a project, talk with us today and get a quote.

Intumescent Fireproofing Contractors Kingswinford

We are experienced in intumescent coatings and commercial fireproofing specialists who provide passive fire protection services on structural elements. We offer a complete range of fireproofing services to both commercial and domestic clients across Kingswinford.

We have been providing specialist intumescent painting services in West Midlands for over many years, offering our customers cost-effective passive intumescent fire protection solutions as well as expert advice on how to have sufficient fire resistance at their property against the risk of fire damage.

Our team can help you with everything from assessing your needs to laying down your intumescent coating so that you know you will have peace of mind in case anything does happen.

We have fully insured and qualified technicians available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any emergency or during normal working hours if you need us for something else like an inspection or maintenance work on one of your existing coatings.

You can rely on this service 365 days per year because it’s part of our commitment. We don’t just want to provide quality applications but also ensure ongoing customer satisfaction long after they’ve left the premises.

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What is Fire Retardant Paint?

Fire-retardant paint is a type of paint that uses intumescent technology to help with fire protection.

It works by expanding during a fire, forming a barrier around the structure that slows the spread of flames and smoke, helping maintain structural integrity.

Our team uses intumescent paints for our clients who want to protect structural steel internally from fire damage by coating the surface with a thin film of intumescent coatings.

When we apply intumescent coatings, better fire resistance is offered while still being cost-effective at a low price compared to other types of fire protection products, such as sprinklers or alarms.

The most common fire-retardant paints are acrylics, which work well for exterior applications because they allow water to pass through them more easily than other types of paint.

Soft char intumescent coatings are applied to structural steelwork, whereas harder chars are applied for plastic pipe protection.

The paint also dries quickly after being applied, which makes it ideal for wood surfaces, decks, or other surfaces that might be damaged by water.

Fire-retardant paint can be expensive, upwards of £100 per gallon, but it’s usually worth it if you have a high-risk structure like a business building and require intumescent fire protection.

Why Do I Need Fire Retardant Paint?

You may need to install fire-retardant paints on your building if you live in an area with a high risk of fire spread, such as areas near forests or rural areas.

The most common reason for installing this paint with fire protection is to protect structural elements of buildings from being damaged by a wildfire, chemical reaction or excessive heat exposure.

why do i need fire retardant paint?

The effects of wildfires are devastating and can cause significant damage to businesses and other structures if they are not protected with intumescent coatings with excellent fire resistance.

We have various paint solutions for steel structures to suit your needs and the level of fire protection required.

If you are looking to avoid structural failure, make sure you check out the fire stopping paint we provide today.

What is Passive Fire Protection?

Passive fire protection is a type of fire resistance that does not require active intervention.

Passive fire protection systems are designed to protect the building from fire by its design, construction, and contents.

Intumescent coatings have passive fire protection in Kingswinford. It will expand when exposed to heat, which minimises the oxygen available to support combustion.

This helps it resist flames, heat, and smoke for longer than ordinary paints with less fire protection.

Please contact our technical support team for more information on the passive fire protection strategy required for your workplace.

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What is the Benefit of Using Intumescent Paints?

When you’re looking to apply paint for structural fire protection, intumescent painting may be your solution.

Here are the benefits of why you should apply intumescent coatings:

Intumescent Coatings Offer Added Fire Protection for Structural Steel

Fire protection painting is made of an organic binder and a chemical hardener that produce heat-activated insulating foam when exposed to heat.

This foam like coating forms a protective barrier around the inside of your building, slowing the spread of fire, so it doesn’t reach your walls or other areas of concern.

Its fire protection is amongst the absolute best in the industry and plays a crucial part in saving lives in the event of a fire, offering extremely high fire resistance.

Intumescent Can be Applied to Any Surface

Intumescent paints are typically used on surfaces that need to be protected from fire, such as wood and structural steel.

They are also used on services that may be exposed to high temperatures, such as pipes and ductwork. Intumescent paint systems are also used on structural steel beams that must be protected against corrosion.

Suppose you’re looking to apply an intumescent layer. In that case, this should be done by a trained professional who will determine if your project warrants the application of this type of intumescent fire protection coating.

They will also determine if you have any underlying issues that may have caused corrosion or degradation in your metal surface, which could cause further damage to the structural integrity of the building if not addressed first.

Benefits Of Intumescent painting

Intumescent Paints is Easy to Apply and Maintain

Intumescent coatings are one of the best ways to ensure that you have a fresh, clean paint job on your business.

This is because steel structures are designed to release gases when they get hot, which means they will expand and contract with temperature changes without causing damage to your walls.

This makes intumescent coatings a great choice for businesses in cold climates, where temperatures can fluctuate wildly throughout the year and businesses in warm regions that can experience extreme heat or cold.

Intumescent coatings also allow you to apply them quickly and easily to protect structural steel internally. If you’re working on an interior wall, they can provide the same level of protection against moisture as traditional paint.

Still, they’re also easier to apply because they can be brushed onto surfaces rather than sprayed onto them like traditional paints.

And once applied, intumescent coatings adhere well to most surfaces so they won’t flake off over time like other types of wall coverings.

Intumescent Coatings are Durable

The intumescent paint will continue to offer excellent fire protection for your building for years to come, and you don’t need to worry about it wearing off or flaking off.

This makes it a great choice for people who have a lot of money invested in their businesses and want to ensure they’re protected for as long as possible.

Intumescent Paints are Non-Toxic

Thin film intumescent coatings are non-toxic and safe for children, pets, and other animals.

You don’t have to worry about what your family members might be exposed to when they come into contact with this material.

Cost Saving

Finally, one of the most surprising benefits of intumescent coatings is its cost savings over traditional methods like caulking or mortar.

With intumescent painting, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best paint type for your required needs.

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Types of Intumescent Paint Kingswinford

We have many types of intumescent paint that are available for commercial use in Kingswinford. They can be applied to various surfaces and serve different purposes.

The two main types of intumescent paint include Soft Char and Hard Char. Soft char paints create a light char. If there is a fire, water vapour is released which provides a cooling effect. When all the vapour has been released, the remaining char will slow down the heat transfer to the substrate. Hard char paints use har char, which is also heat retardant. These types of paints are usually used for plastic pipe protection.

Here are some of the other types of intumescent coatings:

Solvent-based Intumescent

Solvent-based intumescent coatings are the most common form of this type of coating.

Solvent-based coatings are a great choice for areas exposed to weather and temperature variations. They are often used in semi-exposed environments, such as warehouses and parking lots.

The main advantage of solvent-based coatings is that they tend to be more resistant to weather conditions as well as temperatures and humidity.

This means you can use them in areas with a lot of traffic, but you want the paint to be durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions like rain or snowfall.

Intumescent solvent-based paint can be used to keep pipes from freezing. It’s applied to pipes as a liquid and then hardened into a solid material as it dries.

Intumescent coatings can be applied to structural steel and pipe walls or sprayed on the outside of the pipe using special equipment.

It’s often used on water pipes, such as those in business or businesses; however, it can also be used on drainage and sewer lines.

This intumescent fire protection coating creates an insulating layer between pipe walls and water molecules; this prevents freezing temperatures from causing damage to pipes inside businesses or offices.

Epoxy Intumescent

Epoxy intumescent coatings provide high protection from heat, smoke, and flames. They are available in both solvent and water-based varieties.

An epoxy intumescent protective layer is used for applications where a liquid must be hardened to resist penetration. With brilliant intumescent fire protection, the paint can be used with various materials, including metals, glass, ceramics, and plastics.

The epoxy resin is mixed with water and applied to the material’s surface to be protected. It cures into a hard-protective coat that prevents moisture or corrosive materials from reaching the material’s pores and interstices.

The epoxy resin component is a mixture of polyester, polyurethane, or polyether resin (the latter two are also called polycarbonate) with an epoxy resin such as polyethene oxide.

This material coat surfaces to protect against water, humidity, chemicals, and UV radiation.

The second component is a hot-melt adhesive that contains a blend of acrylic acid ester (such as methyl methacrylate) and acrylic acid monomer.

This hot-melt adhesive provides flexibility, toughness, resistance to corrosive agents, abrasion resistance, fire protection and weathering properties to help protect buildings.

Water-Based Intumescent Paint

Water-based intumescent coating is a type of intumescent painting that can be used to repair and protect metal structures.

Water-based intumescent painting is applied to the surface of the metal structure using a spray gun or roller.

The water-based intumescent painting then expands in response to heat and moisture, creating a foam cushion around the metal structure.

The foam cushion offers tremendous fire protection, as well as preserving the structural integrity of your building.

If you need help choosing the right type of intumescent painting for your job, it’s important to consult us so that we can advise you on what type will work best for your project.

Where is Fire Resistant Paint Installed?

Fire-resistant paint is used in a variety of places. It is commonly used in commercial and public buildings but can also be found in residential businesses, industrial buildings, and schools.

Fire Resistant Paint Contractors in Kingswinford can install fire-resistant paint on all structures such as apartments, condominiums, town businesses, and commercial buildings.

So many people choose to use Fire Resistant Paint because it has been proven to work.

This makes sense, considering that most fires occur during the evening when people are asleep or away from the business.

Installing fire-resistant barriers inside your business gives you peace of mind knowing that if there were ever an emergency inside your house, such as a fire breaking out while everyone was sleeping upstairs.

You would have fire protection against heat damage below as well as smoke damage above.

Intumescent Paint Colours

Did you know that intumescent paint colours come in a wide range of shades? We offer several standard colours and can even match any custom colour you want.

Some of the most popular colours for intumescent coatings include:

Whether your project is indoors or out, we can help you select the best colour for your needs. Highly durable, our coatings are available in a variety of colours to complement any style.

Intumescent paint colours

Intumescent painting isn’t just for fire safety—it’s also an excellent choice for walls and ceilings because it provides an additional layer of intumescent fire protection against moisture and mould while still allowing light to pass through.

Intumescent products in Kingswinford are a great option to ensure your walls don’t get damaged or develop mould during construction or renovation projects. They also give a great decorative finish too.

What is Intumescent Paint?

Intumescent paint is a fireproof coating that expands when exposed to heat. It can coat surfaces such as wood, glass, and plastic or mix them with other paints and coatings.

Kingswinford intumescent painting is a cost-effective way of protecting buildings from fire by removing barriers before the fire has even started.

The material is sprayed or brushed on a surface and left for at least 24 hours before exposure to high temperatures.

The coating will then expand up to 100 times its original size within five seconds, creating an insulating layer that prevents flames from reaching further than they already have.

Intumescent painting is suitable for use as part of overall building design plans both in residential and commercial buildings, especially where hazardous materials such as gas cylinders or chemicals used in laboratories may be present.

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Fire Protection Painting

We offer fire protection painting to industrial spaces across the UK to create a safer, more controlled environment for individuals. Our fire protection painting contractors have years of experience with specialist paint, so you can be sure you will receive the best results.

Before we allow our installers to carry out fire protection services, we ensure that professional training is carried out so paint is applied correctly.


How Thick Should Intumescent Paint Be?

Intumescent paint is, by definition, extremely thick paint. This means that the paint must be applied in a thin layer to completely seal off the surface of the wood and prevent it from getting wet or, worse, water-damaged.

It’s important to remember that although the amount of time it takes for your intumescent painting to dry will vary based on your environment and how quickly you apply it, it should last at least two years.

In some cases, you may even notice that your intumescent painting has improved after just a few months.

Thickness checks can be carried out to ensure the coating remains at its original thickness.

How Effective is Intumescent Paint?

Intumescent paint is a new type that can withstand high temperatures, such as those found in a fire. It is sold in aerosol spray cans and comes in various colours. You can use it on all surfaces, including wood, metal, and fibreglass.

Intumescent painting works by creating an expanding foam around the affected area. The foam fills up the hole and stops it from spreading further. The foam contracts to its original size after the fire has been put out or cooled down.

How Long Does Intumescent Paint Last?

The time that intumescent paint lasts varies depending on the material required and the application method used. For example, some applications require more coats than others, so the amount of time it takes for the paint to dry can vary.

In addition, if there’s any excess water in an area where you’ve applied intumescent painting, it will dry up much more quickly than if there’s no excess moisture present.

It’s important to note that if you have any questions about whether or not your business would benefit from intumescent fire protection for its plumbing system, lines, etc., please call us at. Our team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Can You Overpaint Intumescent Paint?

Yes, you can. Intumescent paint is self-sealing paint that repels water and other liquids by absorbing them.

Intumescent paint contains a special resin that hardens when exposed to heat, making the surface impervious to water. It’s used on various surfaces, including painted walls and ceilings.

Intumescent paint will continue to absorb water and hold it in its pores over time, so it’s important not to use too much of this paint on any given surface.

For example, if you apply a coat of intumescent painting on your wall and add another coat, the new coat will absorb more water than the first.

You may need to apply another coat of intumescent painting before the first coat has absorbed all the excess moisture from previous coats.

What Temperature Does Intumescent Paint React?

Intumescent paint reacts with materials at extreme heat, which ranges from 350 degrees Fahrenheit to 750 degrees Fahrenheit (176 degrees Celsius to 381 degrees Celsius), depending on the product.

In Kingswinford, steel usually meets its critical temperature in the UK at around 550 degrees; however, this can vary.

At ambient temperatures, the paint remains stable.

The paint should be applied to steel structures and other metals that need additional protection from fire, heat, and other environmental conditions that can cause damage.

If you apply intumescent coating finishes, you can significantly increase fire resistance time, which gives emergency services a better chance of saving people and preventing a structural collapse.

How Much Does Intumescent Paint Expand?

Intumescent thin film coating expands at a rate of 50:1. Thick film coating expands at a rate of 5:1.

This expansion creates a microporous carbonaceous foam which slows the heat flow.


Our team offer installation of fire protection intumescent products in Kingswinford. We are one of the leading intumescent painting companies in the country, and we have various intumescent colours available for you to choose from.

Our intumescent paints can be applied to any structure, whether large or small. They are also easy to maintain because they don’t require any special care or maintenance.

Intumescent paintwork is a great choice, offering brilliant fire protection for structural steel, heat and water damage.

If you have a project in mind, contact us today to discuss your intumescent painting project. We are a leading intumescent painting contractor and can help you with your intumescent painting project.

Please contact us today to learn more about our painting services. We would be happy to provide a free quote for your project or answer any questions you may have regarding its fire protection qualities, colours, costs and more.

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